Leak Detection & Repair Service in Keller TX and surrounding

If you think you have a water or gas leak in your home, it is important that you find the leak’s source as soon as possible.

Waiting too long can cause property damage or even risk your health and safety. There are several possibilities when you believe you’re suffering from a leak. Let’s discuss some possible leaks you may experience in your home.

Leak Possibilities:

How Do I Know I Have A Slab Leak? (click to read)

You may have a slab leak if you can hear the sound of running water when none of your water appliances are turned on. Other indicators of a slab leak include cracks in your walls or floors, mildew or water under your carpeting, or excessively high water bills. A hot spot on your floor may also indicate a slab leak.

You don’t want to dismantle your water slabs without being relatively certain where the leak is coming from. This could be a very costly mistake. Modern equipment can help you locate a slab leak without being too invasive. Sometimes the only property alteration you’ll need to accomplish is removing and replacing a single tile. Electronic amplification equipment and electromagnetic pipeline locators can locate slab leaks quickly, efficiently, and with little to no property alteration or damage. This equipment is best handled by trained professionals, who understand their use and how to read the measurements.

How Do I know My Pipes Are Leaking?

There are many signs that you may have a pipe leak. If you have noticed that your water bill is unusually high, or your water meter is changing even though you aren’t using water, you may have a leaky pipe. Keep an eye out for musty odors from your floors or walls, cracked or unusually damp foundations, or spongy, soft and discolored walls. The place where you find water damage is a good place to start looking for a leak, but keep in mind that water will often drip down the length of a pipe from the source of the leak, causing damage as it goes. If you have access to your pipes, check all visible pipe bends and fittings.

How Do I know I have a Gas Leak?

A gas leak can be dangerous and potentially life threatening. The first indicator of a gas leak is the rotten egg smell that most of us associate with natural gas. That scent is put into your natural gas specifically to alert you of a gas leak before it becomes lethal.

Breathing too much natural gas can lead to suffocation and death, so gas leaks aren’t something you should fool around with. Unplug any appliances that use natural gas to be safe. You can find carbon monoxide detectors and natural gas detectors at most hardware or big box stores.

Instant Hot Water Systems

Instant hot water systems, also called “tankless” hot water heaters, provide hot water only as needed. Unlike the traditional tank system, water does not sit by heated on standby, which saves on energy costs. Pipes heat cold water directly.

Finding a leak can be a complicated process, and it isn’t always easy for a homeowner to do on his own. If you suspect a leak, and you can’t locate its source on your own, don’t wait until the damage becomes excessive. The professionals at All Tarrant Plumbing are here to help.

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